Apple Turned the Big 3-0 And Made This Video

In 24hrs. Shot entirely on iPhones, this rumored Apple commercial skipped the Superbowl and went straight the the Internet. Pretty smart of you Apple. It’s no ’1984′ but it definately makes a statement. iPhones are everywhere. It’s amazing how different the world has become now that amazing, creative, talented people carry mini-computers in their pockets.


Netflix, Hold The “Flix”


I’ve long had a love affair with Netflix. But perhaps more so than any other service, the relationship has changed over time. Not in a bad way, necessarily — it’s just different. And it’s different, because Netflix is different. It’s a service that keeps re-inventing itself.

That should be obvious to anyone paying attention. But it took this post by Felix Salmon to point out the obvious to me: in its transition to full-on streaming, Netflix is no longer about movies.

Said another way: Netflix has ramped up the “net” and wound down the “flix”.

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